Roeblini Ascension



    • Gold sail = 1 gold piece

    • Silver crown = 1 silver piece

    • Copper drop = 1 copper piece


    • Gold dragon = 1 gold piece

    • Silver wing = 1 silver piece

    • Copper talon = 1 copper piece

S'suman Godslayer Imperium

    • Gold imperial = 5 gold pieces

    • Silver finger = 2 silver pieces

    • Copper griffon = 5 copper piece

Magical Items


Short sword +1 once bound to a bearer this blade cannot be lost, sold, or given away. It can be forcibly pried from the bearer by simultaneous successful STR checks by two beings. The blade slides across the ground with speed 5 if not restrained.

Pharthas Undying


S'suman Kingmaker Imperium

  • Gold sun = 5 gold pieces

  • Silver crown = 1 silver piece

  • Copper drop = 2 copper pieces

Magical Items

Magical items are a rarity in this epoch as much magecraft has been focused on magical weapon making universelly usable by soldiers in the field.


Ranged weapons that shoot raw magical force at the distance of a titans longbow. They need to be charged by an arcane spell caster after a score of shots. Some arcane spell casters have learned to drain magicspitters by touch or even at range to cast more spells. Wild magic can have particularly unpredictable effects on these devices.


The most elite of Imperial Scouts use special armor breed from the lowest form of aberration, the oozes. This armor allows the flexibility to weave magic, the dexterity to gather intelligence, and grants its specially trained warrior numerous abilities.

A ranger in the Imperial Scouts wearing oozmor (

Shamblermail, Moundarmor

In order to put the human warriors of the Church of Two Suns on equal martial footing with the armies of their aberration foes, the druids of the Old Gods tamed shambling mounds to cocoon a human warrior inside the heaviest of plate mail.

Morgrin Shambleroon Corps Red Bear Division (