S'suman Godslayer Imperium

The Illithid Faction

The Masters of the Truth

These mentalist philosophers are spreading a doctrine of human independence from gods and self-reliance. They are humanoid but oddly articulated. They wear robes, caricature masks, and black shakos. Using a ritual, Tyrian and Ulmo remotely scryed upon one of these fanatics and witnessed what was under the mask: the horrific tentacled visage of a mind flayer.


Humanoid Pirate Tribes

A leading competitor with the Roeblini, the humanoid pirate tribes are few and far between in the days of Roeblini Ascension.

Roeblini Ascension


House of Heroes

There are 274 members of the House of Heroes each elected to office by their deeds of heroic reknown, adventurers, and tall tales. They deal with city defense, foreign "policy", exploration, and police.


This faction is composed primarily of old pirates, raiders, and other seafaring adventurers. They are in charge of the navy, sea tariffs, and policing of New Roeblini City's questionable water ways. They are led by Morgrin the Fat.


Composed of warriors, mercenaries, and war priests this faction controls the army and city security.

House of Merchants

The House of Merchants is composed of those industrious and wealthy citizens who can by financial powerbrokering and favor trading obtain seats of power. They deal primarily with infrastructure, taxation, and trade.

City Works

The Roeblini City Works is a powerful faction within the House of Merchants charged with protecting the city from the Undercity, repair any connecting tunnels between the two. They also suppress rumors about the Undercity and track down sellers or suppliers of the ancient treasures of the fallen Godslayer empire.

Confederacy of Dragons / Draconic Confederated Nations / Condraconacy

Condraconacy Central Command

The military intelligence command of the Confederacy of Dragons to whom Captain Blackfang reported to. This government is apparently interested in the politics of the Reoblini.


Council of Elders

The ruling council of the city of Khavash. They have welcomed the Confederacy of Dragons' "ambassador" openly to their city.

The Illithid Faction


These tall, thin limbed, and oddly proportioned, these mysterious beings wear uniforms and coats of crimson red with black collars, gloves, and boots. They have four fingers and wear caricature masks of human expressions. They whisper in ones mind rather than speak and bear alien staves capable of killing with a single gesture. Their exact agenda is unclear but they appear to test "champions" for undisclosed reasons, but they are suspected to be mind flayers looking for thralls and prey.


Church of Avandra

Seen as a beacon of hope, many destitute new arrivals to New Reoblini City often seek refuge at the Church of Avandra.

Disciples of the Swallower

A beholder thrall cult.

S'suman Kingmaker Imperium

The Spectator Ordinate

Awoken by the actions of Tyrian and Ulmo, the spectators appear intent on ridding themselves of the illithid threat on the Hiveworld.


Humanoid Pirate Tribes

The Roeblini's leading competition on the seas.

Pharthas Undying

Kingmaker Imperium

A vast military theocracy composed of spectators, Roeblini, S’suman, dwarves, githzerai, and a smattering of gnomes and halflings.

Council of Kings

The governing body of the Kingmaker Imperium, drawn from the leaders of it’s constituent nations and people. The Council is oft considered a puppet of the Spectator Ordinate particularly by those opposed to the continued humanoid sacrifice in the Fourth Aberration War.

Imperial Scouts

While military matters are handled by the Church of Two Suns, intelligence, espionage, and sometimes assassination is performed by this division of the Council of Kings. Founded by the first Scoutmaster, this monastic brotherhood draws its members from orphanages to become the silent eyes and invisible ears of the Imperium.

Church of Two Suns

When the planar space of Pharthas and Drouss was violated at the onset of the Fourth Aberration War the two divine brothers called a truce until the aberration menace was eliminated, this change in allegiances within the pantheon was reflected by the formation of the Church of Two Suns whose doctrine is the destruction of the aberration threat. The church is the highest authority in the Kingmaker Imperium in regards to extraplanar military matters.

The Morgrin

The largest corps within the Church of Two Suns, it is led by General Morgrin Paramount. Most of its soldiers are Shambleroons.

Spectator Ordinate

Engaged in war, the Spectator Ordinate have rebuilt their Hivecore and are closely allied with the Kingmaker Imperium.

Genie Transference Conglomerate

Transplanar business interest of djinn and efreet who are contracted to transport various volumes and masses. The Spectator Ordinate contracts with them to move their vessels within the material planes.