S'suman Imperium

S'suman Imperial City


A gem of civilization for thousands of years, in one reality New Roeblini City was built upon its ruins. It is the capital of the S'suman Imperium.

Paladin Quarters

A gated sub-community of nobles who have sworn service to the Master's of the Truth. S'smuliss lives within its walls.

Thinker's Corner

A dockside coffee house and tavern that has been overtaken by the sage and mage's guilds after they were outlawed. The inside is a mad combination of a lecture hall (there is a complete chalk board behind the raised bar), library (many of the tables are stacks of books with boards across them), and alchemist laboratory (whoa to the drunk who misplaces his drink, for he might not tolerate what gets mixed into his cup).

The Forest Sea


During mysterious solstices and equinoxes the jade waves of the Forest Sea become the rippling canopy of the Elven Homeland.

The Roeblini Mother Enclave

A wandering collection of a significant portion of the Roeblini Armada. It was greatest during the epoch of the S'suman Imperium it has shrunk in modern times as the Roeblini have shifted from nomadic raiders to trading conquerors.

Cathedralisle of Drouss

A church carved from a rocky island in the midst of the Forest Sea, it's lowest level is a cavernous bay that can house many ships. Above this is a mighty circular cavern whose roof is an enormous crystal that constantly refocuses the rays of the Northern Sun to its worshippers. A central podium bears the brightest light. Somewhere within the church is a scrying pool.

Monastery of the Masterminds

Leagues from the Cathedralisle of Drouss lays the remnants of the Monastery of the Masterminds, an ancient but supposedly disbanded order that practiced the psychic arts. The crowing achievement of the Masterminds was their Orrery, now corrupted after centuries of neglect.

Located beneath the Orrery is the Cast Dungeon, a dicing room connected by interplanar ways to the cast of the magic dice within. There are six Upper Levels based on rolling as many as possible of the Old Gods, Warriors of the Wind, Knights of the Earth, the Jester of Bitter Mirth, the Queen of the Wild, the King of Flame, and Death. The Lower Levels are three and four of kind, the short and long series, the three with two, and five of a kind.

Roeblini Ascension

New Roeblini City


The city is the centerpiece of a long curved belt of smaller outposts that stretch along the coast. New Roeblini City is a series of small islands nestled within a crater half open to the sea. Towering waterfalls falling from the forested cliffs feed the brackish but murderous currents of the city's shallow harbor. South of the ribbon-like nation is a great verdant rainforest. The landscape is dotted with active volcanoes heating the humid air far more than the tepid light of the waning Southern sun. Many blame the salt and wet for turning copper roof's green and tarnishing gold to black, but oldings say each year the decay seems to accelerate. Despite this the population of this booming nation grows both from natural production and immigration. Everyday prosperity abounds.

New Roeblini is governed by an elected chieftain and two houses of representation. The first is the House of Heroes whose members are selected by their deeds of renown and service to the nation. Their opposition is the House of Merchants whose members are selected by monetary bids for seats. The two houses select candidates for the position of Chieftain who is then elected by the common populace and serves until they resign or die, currently this is Lady Andova, a merchant-magi who has served for the last 12 years. Laws and taxation are prepared by one house and voted upon by the other. In all other matters of policy the chieftain serves as absolute ruler.

Main Quarter

Chieftain's Tower

Near the center of the city, the Chieftain's Tower is the most structurally intact remnant of the old city. An ornate and complex geometry made of smog stained white rock it towers majestically over the remainder of the city.

House of Heroes

A large cylindrical building of the modern Roeblini style. It is filthy and disheveled, in this time of peace it is mostly deserted by the 274 members of the House of Heroes.

House of Merchants

The twin of the House of Heroes this building is scrubbed clean and a bustling hive of guilder activity.

Reef Quarter

Offices of Monster Control

Sutton's offices are in a shabby brick building, a wooden sign over the door has a manticore with a spear through it, the signage has multiple monster names crossed out and finally settling on MONSTERSLAYER. This is reaffirmed by a bronze plate on the thick red door. An administrative assistant works in a small antechamber. Sutton's offices are impeccably organized, a red dragon skin serves as a carpet, the cleaned skulls of untold monsters are mounted on the wall behind Sutton's storm giant bone desk. On the adjacent walls are multiple weapons, mostly swords labelled with the monster they are best used to defeat.

Coin Quarter

The Bazaar

This collection of tents and boats connects together into a floating and morphing nonstop store, where anything can be found and any price can be paid. Some say that the Bazaar is otherworldly, often much bigger and harder to escape from on the inside than it appears on the outside.

Whores and Harlots Street

Any delight for a price can be found on Whores and Harlots Street. Ulmo and Tyrian share an apartment on its tamer (and slightly higher class) distal end.

Last Good Time Tavern

A small tavern, the last one on the distal end of Whores and Harlots Street. It is known for its stout Roeblini ale and grog porridge. Ulmo and Tyrian often breakfast there.

Outer Reach

The Duellist Inn

A larger tower leveled about 40' above the water line crowned by umbrella bearing tables. The tower is 80' in diameter the center 40' hollowed out. Haphazardly attached like wooden fungus to the outside of the tower is the actual inn. Duelists are lowered into the ampitheatre formed by the central hollow. Anyone hoisted out of the hollow is healed of damage. It costs 1 copper drop to be ferried one way.

The Magic Shoppe

A small cottage sitting on the the brackish water surface. Stepping stones stretch about 20' from the quaint front door of the cottage. The cottage has a bad habit of exploding, twisting, and bleeding. Odd smoke of differing colors emit from the squat chimney. Inside the small cottage there is a tightly packed store with spell crafting minutiae and components. A thick curtain covers the entrance to "the back". It costs 1 silver crown for skiff transport to the Shoppe.

Griffon Cliffs

The cliffs above the city are the roosting grounds of hundreds of griffons and hippogriffons. Many are domesticated by the home guard and others from the city. The natural irritability and territoriality of the winged hybrids makes the cliffs an effective barrier between outside antagonists.



Officially everyone knows that this is a myth, a story told to children. Officially, everyone knows the truth that the old city collapsed except for a few exceptions and that New Roeblini City was built on the rubble islands of the Godslayers former imperial city. In truth, too many children and other unwary folk go missing each year, too much strange and ancient treasure finds its way into the city markets, and too many folk know that there are miles of caverns and ruins beneath New Roeblini City. The City Works attempts to police these environs, eliminating connections between the surface and the Undercity, as well as keep citizens quiet about what lurks beneath their floor boards.

The Swallower's Temple

Located beneath the distal end of Whores and Harlots Street near the Last Good Time Tavern, a series of natural caverns was exposed following an earthquake. These caverns, apparently the product of lava tubes and the sea connected with ancient Godslayer tunnels used as a temple complex for "storing" victims before casting them into the insatiable vortex of the Swallower located in a fetid underground lake. One door, made of a more ancient yet more advanced architecture eluded all attempts at opening. The earthquake damage was repaired by the City Works, sealing the complex from the surface. The goblin tribe worshipping the Swallower apparently escaped the complex and collapsed one of the tunnels after them.

The Confederacy of Dragons


Believed destroyed millenia ago by the Empire of the Godslayers, recent events have some convinced that this is in reality not a legend but a fact. A fact that threatens to rise and reclaim their former lands. The capital of the Confederacy is believed to be to the southwest.



One of the last cities of the Empire of the Godslayers to fall to the Roeblini it has never formally surrendered. It has the largest populations of humans indigenous to the Godslayer empire. It is an orderly city run by the Council of Elders, none of who are Roeblini. The city is split by the river Kha that is bridged by a giant almost organic tower, each of four support legs trailing into thick walls dividing the city into quarters. It overlooks the sea from 200 foot high cliffs over which the Kha spills gloriously. Brisk trade from caravans has usurped much of the business between the harbor below and the city above, formerly accomplished with mighty magical machines known as the Golemcranes. The city lies approximately four days ride from New Roeblini City. Khavash has all but fallen in a bloodless coup to Flame of the Sky, an "ambassador" of the Confederacy of Dragons.

Second District

Whitemane Alchemy Limited

A alchemy and magic shop in the second district, owned and operated by Mara the Whitemane.

Fourth District

The Lizard Man Motel

The seediest of inns, this glorified flop house offers boiling mud pits much relished by lizardfolk, it is the most villainous and murderous location in Khavash. It is owned by Morgrin One-eye, who works the bar in its center, a bar that floats gently on the mud pits.

Lowcitadel of Khavash


In ancient times, the Lowcitadel of Khavash guarded the tunnels between the harbor with their adjacent sea caves and the city above. With the advent of the Golemcranes of Khavash the citadel fell in to disrepair and was built over eventually becoming the sewer of the what is today the city of Khavash. One entrance to the Lowcitadel can be found via a ruined Godslayer villa which connects first to the sewers. Ulmo and Tyrian discovered a passage via these sewers to the Goblinhead Gate, down the Inner Tower, then through the Upper and Lower Sea Caves down to the coast. During this quest they also discovered a temple to an ancient, nameless, evil that connected with an efreeti rookery.

The Tower of Champions / the Tollmasters

A mysterious black tower that appears and has attendants that demand champions to contest its mysteries. Sometimes it is not seen for centuries, sometimes it makes multiple appearances within months. It typically appears along lonely stretches of road and once spotted cannot be fled from. When travelers or caravans disappear, dark mutterings blaming the tower are made. Sometimes the champions disappear and sometimes they return. Tyrian and Ulmo had a dream about the Tower of Champions and awoke thinking it to be so. However, new scars on Tyrian and discrepancies between the manifest and the actual number of wagons makes them believe that they have seen the mysteries inside the tower.

Pharthas Undying

The Cathedralfort of Pharthas


The city is the centerpiece of a long curved belt of smaller fortresses that stretch along the coast and deep into the interior. The Cathedralfort is an imposing structure connecting a series of small islands nestled within a crater walled off from the sea. Towering waterfalls falling from the forested cliffs feed the brackish but murderous currents of the fortress’ shallow harbor. South of the Cathederalfort, the citizens of the Kingmaker Imperium have beaten back the great verdant rainforest that threatens to swallow the besieged nation. Many blame the salt and wet for turning copper roof's green and tarnishing gold to black, but oldings say each year the decay seems to slow. Everyday the population of this nation at war grows both from natural production and immigration. Everyday warriors are sent to front lines beyond the material plane.

The Kingmaker Imperium is a vast military theocracy composed of spectators, Roeblini, S’suman, dwarves, githzerai, and a smattering of gnomes and halflings. It is governed by a Council of Kings, drawn from the leaders of it’s constituent nations and people. The Church of Two Suns is led by the general-priests of Pharthas and Drouss whose decisions in extraplanar military matters supersedes even that of the Council of Kings, but is reliant on the Council for the funding to continue the war.

The Hivecore

Dwarven Tunnelweb

The dwarves have a network of tunnels stretching deep within the earth allowing for rapid transport across the world. These tunnels are deep enough that they pierce the Hivecore. Dormant volcanoes in the Kingmaker Imperium are portals to the Dwarven Tunnelweb and the Spectator Hivecore.

The Forest Sea

Monastery of the Masterminds

A millennia of wind and sea have crumpled the Monastery to a skeletal ruin. It has become a fishery for the Roeblini.