The Third Aberration War

S'suman Godslayer Imperium

Roeblini Ascension


  • Planting Season

Avandra's Run

This race began when young sons and daughters of farmers fled the toil and drudge of the planting season to go to the city. Here they were subject to the tender mercies of mugging, rape, and murder by the denizens of New Roeblini City, so they would run as fast as they could from the Beach Gate to shelter at Avandra's Temple. Over time this became a festive event with a prize for the winner. One ill-fated season the race was reorganized to be a mounted one, however the carnage of griffon's diving into the horse meat buffet of a mounted race was a grisly spectacle. Henceforth the race became a partnered arrangement with one carrying the other. The "mounted" racer would use martial and magical might against the other teams. Today the winner wins substantial renown and a 500 gp chalice filled with 1000 golden sails.

  • Raiding Season

  • Harvest Season

  • Trading Season

The Third Aberration War

Pharthas Undying