Player Characters


    • Tyrian

      • A human fighter

    • Ulmo

      • A halfling wildmage

S'suman Imperium

Nonplayer Characters (active)


  • Ordus Spectator

An elder spectator the party met after freeing the Spectator Hiveworld from the suspended animation cast over it by the illithid invasion millennia in the past. He rewarded the party with magic items for freeing his people.

  • S'sabis

In the depths of the Cast Dungeon in the Series of Four, the party met a predatory, graceful ebon skinned man, who Grey recognized by scent and Ulmo on sight as S'sabis but revealed as a vampiric fighter. S'sabis was about to attack but Ulmo convinced him that without them he would not escape the dungeon. He chose to assist them but elected to remain in his own time period when the heroes returned to their own time.

  • Tyrios of the Blood of Mor

A blond stripling with a passing resemblance to Morgrin he is in fact one of Tyrian's and Morgin's ancestors who was trapped on a Roeblini Warraider Galley by zombies. He chose to follow Ulmo and Tyrian after the remainder of the survivors returned to the Mother Enclave.


    • Probably Grigor

A flamingskull assigned to be guardian of one of the more distal rooms of a Upper Level Kings of Fire dungeon, who became detached from his assigned room when the dice roll was less than for the prior dungeon. Grigor is slightly demented but apparently benign as he can no longer perform his duties. He became separated from the companions when they "fell" out of the dungeon.

    • S'shadrick

An elderly dark skinned man with iron beard and hair, he is a theological scholar who can be found at the Thinker's Corner.

  • S'smuliss Truthguard

A paladin guardian of the Master's of Truth.


    • The White Death Glacier, the Blizzard of Woe, the Fury of the North

An adult white dragon which Tyrian and Ulmo awoke from sleep by jumping on during the traverse of the Orrery of the Monastery of the Masterminds. They escaped the dragon's wrath by using the last "planetoid" called the Fragment to reach the center of the orrery known as the Cosmic Eye and fleeing down its spiral staircase. The White Death Glacier is apparently an exile from the Condraconacy.

    • Vvseean

A shambling mound gravely injured by the heroes within the Cast Dungeon.

Roeblini Ascension

Nonplayer Characters (active)


    • Grey

Celestial rat terrier summoned by Arcus, began serving Tyrian permanently after being offered meat scraps. Grey is named for his dark grey coat which sparkles with silver tips. His eyes are pitch black unless he is hunting, then they become blood red.


    • Lucinda

Voluptuous, dark haired, serving wench at the Duelist Inn. She is a single mother.

    • Uncle Morgrin the Fat

Former sea raider and adventurer now holding a seat in the House of Heroes. He is a great, fat balding blond man well past his prime but still a fierce bladesman. Part politician, part drunkard, part criminal mastermind, and part philanthropist, Uncle Morgrin is often underestimated but has buried many foes that have. It was recently learned that he has at least one clone and probably several due to a clone trap triggered during a caper in his younger years. Presumably due to Morgrin's unique opportunistic nature the clones did not try to kill each other when formed.

    • Yslir

      • An eladrin maiden captured by the Disciples of the Swallower, rescued by Tyrian and Ulmo. Yslir's sketches from a previous venture were instrumental in guiding Ulmo and Tyrian through the Lowcitadel of Khavash.


    • Lady Andova

      • The current chieftain of New Roeblini, merchant-magi who has served for the last 12 years.

    • Archmagus Arcus the Golden Wonder

An apparently animated beautiful golden statue of a human male in his prime. Considers himself an artist despite running the Magic Shoppe. Prone to moody fits.

    • Byl

A somnolent guard in the service of Morgrin the Fat.

    • Dravis

A caravan master who owes Tyrian and Ulmo a favor after they discovered that the entire caravan had been brainwashed and nearly a third of the handlers, wagons, beasts, and goods were missing. Dravis is a tall, bony, greasy, unsavory sort who chomps on a vile smelling cigars.

    • Fairsal

A black bruiser lizard man with extremely poor self esteem, defeated himself when he dueled Ulmo. He has rejoined the group in Khavash after working a failed bodyguarding job.

    • Karlo

Lucinda's 7 year old son. Rescued from the Disciples of the Swallower, he remembers nothing of the ordeal having been ensorcelled for the majority of his abduction.

    • Izael

An efreeti youngling who gave the party one of the gems needed to free the dragon Constellation, chained in the depths of the Lowcitadel of Khavash. At that time Tyrian also received the Mark of the Efreet.

    • Uncle Morgrin One-eye

A clone (or the original?) from one of Morgrin's capers when he was younger. This Morgrin is slimmer but lost an eye at some point. Apparently he (they?) was caught in a trap which cloned him but due to Morgin's unique opportunism the two did not fall to killing each other but rather working together to try to finish the caper. Morgrin One-eye has hinted that there are several more copies out there due to repeated triggering of the trap. Morgin One-eye is a contact point for the Rogues Collective of Khavash. His alliances are questionable after providing the party with information on how to escape Khavash he also apparently divulged this information to Captain Blackfang.

    • S'sabis

Morgrin's secretary, a tall, thin elderly human male. He is dark skinned and has shaved his head. He is the exact opposite of Morgrin but serves him loyally. Based on an encounter during the time of S'suman Imperium he is in fact a millennia old vampire, albeit a well disguised one.

    • Sutton, Freelance Monsterslayer

      • A freelance monsterslayer permanently hired by the New Roeblini City to perform animal controls. He is extremely detail oriented and organized. He is a squat, scarred middle aged human in excellent condition who smokes cigars. He has a phobia of rats.


    • Garros Andova

Lady Andova's grand son and representative for the secretive Roeblini City Works. Very fashionable and always carries a polished cane.

    • Captain Blackfang

Dragonborn spymaster who nearly killed Tyrian and Ulmo in the catacombs of the Undercity, teleported away when Grey attempted to dispel himself back to his home plane. Reports to "Central Command", surmised to be that of the armed services of the Confederacy of Dragons. The captain spotted the adventurers in the city of Khavash and followed them to the ruined villa from which they made their escape. He was apparently injured by the bog hag living in the well in the Lowcitadel of Khavash.

    • Flame of the Sky

The mature adult red dragon "ambassador" of the Confederacy of Dragons to Khavash. His "embassy" consists of nearly 1500 dragonborn shock troops.

Nonplayer Characters (basically inactive)


    • S'smuliss

An undead warrior-priest who was assassinated by Orb worshippers thousands of years ago. He was freed from a sarcophagus under the city by Tyrian and Ulmo. He is saddened by the passing of all he knew but grateful for the opportunity provided to revenge. He enjoys beer despite lacking a gastrointestinal tract. His lower extremities, hips and lumbar spine were pulverized when a hobgoblin sprung a trap on the party in the Lowcitadel of Khavash, collapsing a tower down upon the skeletal warrior. After the party was transported back in time the party encountered the younger, living S'smuliss and the undead future version vanished.


    • Mara the Whitemane

An alchemist of Khavash who joined the party to flee Khavash after the envoy of the Confederacy of Dragons, Flame of the Sky, sealed the city. She carries a portable hole with nearly every known potion it. She has also created a lycanthropic harness and potion harness, neither of which have been successfully tested on a person. She and her stock were destroyed by a collapsing tower in the Lowcitadel of Khavash.


    • Brother Orb

A low level initiate of the Disciples of the Swallower who held a small goblin band in his sway. Slain by Ulmo during their rescue of Karlo. Brother Orb appeared to be a man undergoing the accelerated apotheosis of the beholder thrall.

    • Squinteye Eik

Gnome lurker who welshed on a dueling bet with Ulmo and was tossed into the waters of New Robellini City, never to be seen since.

    • Coldfang

  • Warscale

Dragonborn spies slain in the first level of the Undercity

Pharthas Undying

Nonplayer Characters (active)


    • Grey

Celestial rat terrier summoned by Arcus, began serving Tyrian permanently after being offered meat scraps. Grey is named for his dark grey coat which sparkles with silver tips. His eyes are pitch black unless he is hunting, then they become blood red.

  • S'smuliss Timestrider

A temporal paladin traveling with the paradoxes, Tyrian and Ulmo.


  • General Morgrin Paramount

The general is the leader of the largest corps within the Church of Two Suns. He is of Roeblini heritage, a great, balding, blond man who is still a fierce bladesman. Rumor is that he was an adventurer in his younger days before joining the military. Part politician, part madman, part strategic mastermind and part philosopher, General Morgrin Paramount is often underestimated but has buried legions of foes that have.

  • Imperial Scoutmaster

Leader of the Imperial Scouts. Given that the elite Scouts all wear oozmor and do not attempt to distinguish themselves from each other, his identity is unknown.

    • Moros the Moundtamer

A centuries old, Roeblini druid who created the first shamblermail and shaped the first trient.

  • S'sabis Breathless

When the party went to this new time stream, their vampire companion S'sabis remained in the past. In their previous time stream he had survived, hidden for a thousand years. If he has survived in this one, no one knows how an elder vampire will feel about others knowing his secrets...